15 Under 40: The Youngest Billionaires On The 2021 Forbes 400

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world’s youngest billionaire

Bobby Murphy is an American internet entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of Snap Chat Inc, a hugely successful social media company. Silbermann, the cofounder and CEO of Pinterest, is another newcomer to The Forbes 400, after the photo sharing site’s stock more than doubled since last year’s list. Armstrong is Coinbase Global’s CEO, and his 19% stake became worth 11 figures when he took the crypto exchange public in a direct listing in April. Alexandra Andresen, now 23, has been a billionaire since she was 19 thanks to her stake in Ferd, the Norwegian investment company her father still runs. The average billionaire is 65 years old, according to Forbes’ latest ranking of the planet’s richest people, and the eldest is insurance tycoon George Joseph, who’s 101.

Patrick dropped out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions with his brother. Their company’s first payment was processed while both brothers were vacationing in South America. On 29 September 1916, John Davison Rockefeller was declared the world’s first billionaire.

Lukas also owns stakes in Walmart, First Solar and Arvest Bank, however, he does not work for any of these companies, choosing to invest silently instead. Christopher runs Empire Group Holdings, a property development company in Hong Kong. Bitmain Technologies has since gone on to become the worlds largest computer chip company for bitcoin mining, making $742.7 million in profit in the first half of 2018. His father’s entire estate was divided between Aiyawatt’s mother and three siblings.

Baiju Bhatt coyoung billionaires in world Robinhood, the company behind the stock trading app of the same name, back in 2013. In the eight years since, Robinhood became the standard in mobile stock trading. It went public earlier this summer, which sparked a wave of criticism from institutional investors.

He donated $360,000 to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and its joint fundraising committees in 2020. Meme stocks and cryptomania have helped a few new millennials debut on the list, including the richest person ever under 30 besides Mark Zuckerberg. Kwok, along with his older brother Geoffrey, inherited their late father Walter Kwok’s stake in Sun Hung Kai Properties, Hong Kong’s largest developer, in 2018. Shares of Hong Kong-listed SHKP have declined nearly 18% since the coronavirus outbreak at the start of the year.

He grew up in a two million dollar home in Pacific Palisades, a wealthy neighborhood in Los Angeles. It looks like he’ll be living better than his parents though, as he has a net worth of $3.7 billion. With a net worth of $2.1 billion, Patrick Collison is the older brother of the fifth youngest billionaire, John Collison.

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To use individual functions (e.g., mark statistics as favourites, set statistic alerts) please log in with your personal account. Stanley Tang is a co-founder and head of labs at san Francisco-based restaurant delivery app DoorDash. Austin Russell is the cofounder and CEO of Luminar which is an autonomous vehicle sensor and software company. In reality, not all employers appreciate good quality employees. This is where employees tend to feel under appreciated; thus finding alternative ways to look for better prospects. Good employers are able to make good employees stay put in the company and this is definitely beneficial for the company’s growth in the long run.

Bobby Murphy is currently working as the CTO of Snap Inc. and is a very skilled and talented software engineer. Bobby is also the co-founder of Snap Inc., along with Reggie Brown & Evan Spiegel. Binny Bansal retained his position as group CEO and was appointed chairman following the transaction. According to reports, Binny Bansal is in talks to invest between $100 and $150 million in PhonePe. If completed, the acquisition will rank among the biggest one-off investments made by an emerging company. Binny Bansal is in discussions to invest between $100 and $150 million in PhonePe and if completed, it would rank among the biggest investments made by a single person in a modern company.

Both teens’ successful fathers, Leonardo Del Vecchio and Kim Jung-ju, died in 2022 and left them stakes in their respective companies. Del Vecchio, who turns 19 in May, gets his fortune from a share of his father’s holding company Delfin, which has a stake in eyewear giant Luxottica (known for brands such as Ray-Ban and Sunglass Hut). Not much is known about the young heir, whose six siblings and stepmother also make their debut.

Patrick Collison (31 Years)

Together they co-founded the American payment technology company, Stripe. The company has had notable investors like Elon Musk and Peter Theil. With a net worth of $1 billion, Ludwig Theodor Braun, owns 10% stake of the medical device company, B.

  • Patrick is the co-founder of Stripe, an American payment technology company based in San Francisco, California.
  • The 34-year-old billionaire is currently a DJ in New York City and is worth $1.7 billion.
  • 31-year-old, Said Gutserviev is a Russian entrepreneur and CEO of FortreInvest JSC, an oil holding company, as well as being the co-owner of Industrial and Financial Group SAFMAR.
  • Aiming to be a poster boy for “effective altruism,” Bankman-Fried is intent on making as much money as possible so he can give away as much as possible where it’s most needed.
  • They both own part of their family company, Ferd, a multibillion-dollar investment firm.
  • Austin Russell spent his teens doing research at the University of California at Irvine’s Beckman Laser Institute.

In 1977 Ludwig’s father, Ludwig George Braun, took over the company and grew it to around $8 billion in annual sales. Anna Kasprzak is the younger sister of André Kasprak and a large shareowner of ECCO, a Danish shoe manufacturer. 31-year-old, Said Gutserviev is a Russian entrepreneur and CEO of FortreInvest JSC, an oil holding company, as well as being the co-owner of Industrial and Financial Group SAFMAR. Lukas Walton has been very generous with his fortune, donating at least $149 million to his family’s namesake foundation.

Statistics on Billionaires around the world

At just 28 years old, Evan is worth $2.1 billion and is a graduated from Standford University with a B.S. After coming up with the idea for stripe whilst attending college at MIT in Boston, the company has since gone on to be valued at $20.25 billion, after a 2018 funding round of $245 million. Ludwig Theodor Braun is currently 29 years old, worth $1billion and lives in Melsungen, Germany. Four years younger than his brother, Geoffrey Kwok, who’s the seventeenth youngest billionaire in the world, Jonathan Kwok runs Empire Group holdings with his brother. He’s currently worth $2.1 billion and lives in Venice, California.

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Next on the list is Geoffrey Kwok, the oldest son of Walter Kwok, a Hong Kong Developer and former Chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties. The first youngest billionaire in the world to be featured on our list is Julio Mario Santa Domingo, III. Becoming a billionaire was not really talked about a decade ago, and it took generations to acquire that kind of wealth. Jonathan Kwok, 28, first became a billionaire in his own right after his father, Hong Kong property mogul Walter Kwok, passed away in 2018. Witzoe owns close to half of SalMar ASA, one of the world’s largest salmon producers. Furtwaengler owns 25% of Burda Media Group, which is owned by her father, Hubert Burda.

He owns an 8% stake in the company, which went public at a $32 billion valuation in July. Bhatt cofounded Robinhood in 2013 with Vlad Tenev, who remains the CEO and just missed the cut for The Forbes 400. Robinhood’s primary source of revenue is selling customer orders to large trading firms like Citadel Securities. The company has paid $135 million in fines to regulator FINRA and the SEC in the last year to settle charges of misleading customers and keeping customers locked out of their accounts during outages. In all, 15 members of The Forbes 400 are under 40, up from 12 last year, with six of them appearing on the list for the first time. Airbnb’s Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia both turned 40 in August, aging out of the youngest group, and embattled Nikola founder Trevor Milton dropped off the list this year.

Murphy, Snap’s Chief Technology Officer, built the popular social media app with Evan Spiegel, his Stanford University Fraternity friend. Grandson of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, Lukas Walton received approximately one-third of his father’s, John Walton, estate when he died in a plane crash in 2005. At just 32 years old Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke has a 12% stake in B.

Born on a farm in Richford, New York, the famed American industrialist and philanthropist made the bulk of his fortune by founding The Standard Oil Company. Rockefeller was 77 when his status as one of the richest individuals in modern history was secured. He inherited the company from his father, which meant that at only 34 years old, Aiyawatt has a net worth of $1 Billion. Austin Russell spent his teens doing research at the University of California at Irvine’s Beckman Laser Institute. The lanky 6-foot-4 entrepreneur dropped out of Stanford in 2012 to found laser lidar startup Luminar Technologies after getting a $100,000 fellowship from billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel.

Meet the 15 youngest billionaires in America

As of March 5, Forbes estimated his equity in the company was worth nearly $2 billion, while his FTX tokens were worth more than $5.6 billion. Leonardo Maria is his father’s only child with Zampillo and heads strategy for Luxottica. The No. 2 spot among the world’s youngest billionaires in 2021 is held by 24-year-oldWang Zelong of China, who is worth $1.5 billion. The No. 3 and 4 spots are held by Norwegian sisters Alexandra and Katharina Andresen, who are 24 and 25 years old respectively and each worth $1.4 billion. They both own part of their family company, Ferd, a multibillion-dollar investment firm. Gustav is a Norwegian billionaire whose net worth is estimated at $3.2 billion.

Its sensors now help self-driving cars of such customers as Volvo, Toyota and Intel’s Mobileye see in 3D. The company listed via a SPAC merger in December 2020, catapulting him into the billionaire ranks overnight. At age 26, he is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire now that Kylie Jenner, 23, has fallen from the ranks. From an 18-year-old drugstore heir to founders of food delivery service DoorDash and electric vehicle parts maker Luminar, here are the ten billionaires still under the age of 30. That includes Ben Francis, who founded activewear maker Gymshark in 2012, when he was 19, and Palmer Luckey, who sold his first startup to Facebook and is back with a successful defense tech business.

ThinkAdvisor sorted through Forbes’ Real-Time Billionaires ranking to find the youngest ones. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 20 youngest billionaires in the world. Alexandra Andresen is the sister of Katharina Andreson and the second youngest billionaire in the world by one year. Ferd is an active investor on the Nordic Stock exchange and runs private equity investments and hedge funds. Spiegel has been very generous with his money, already donating $65 million of Snap stock, whilst also pledging to donate a further 13 million shares, with Bobby Murhpy, to the Snap foundation.

In 2019, Said became one of the first people to invest in Currency.com, a cryptocurrency exchange in Belarus. The 34-year-old billionaire is currently a DJ in New York City and is worth $1.7 billion. Duncan and his three older siblings each inherited a stake in pipeline company Enterprise Products Partners after their father Dan Duncan’s death in 2010.


He has worked for the Walton Family Foundation and True North Venture Partners. Asana, which Moskovitz cofounded with Facebook coworker Justin Rosenstein in 2008, went public in a direct listing in September 2020, and shares more than tripled in the year that followed. Moskovitz owns almost one-third of the $18 billion company, but still has the majority of his net worth tied up in an estimated 2% stake in Facebook.

  • They span the globe, hailing from the U.S., Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland and Norway.
  • The popular cloud-based instant messaging app now has over 300 million users worldwide.
  • His mother grew up in the Philippines, before emigrating to the United States.
  • He owns an 8% stake in the company, which went public at a $32 billion valuation in July.

Like Zuckerberg, Spiegel has managed to avoid losing control of the social media service he cofounded. Brian Armstrong serves as the CEO of Coinbase, the largest US-based cryptocurrency trading firm. He has amassed vast wealth due to his stake in the company — he owns nearly one-fifth of Coinbase’s shares. Coinbase went public this past April at a valuation of about $100 billion. Alexandra Andresan with a net worth of $1.4 billion, inherited 42% of her father’s investment company, Ferd, in 2007.

The only difference is that some get it at their younger age and some when they get older. Work hard, and one will earn respect and money at the same time. I hope you get the idea of the youngest billionaire people in the world.

Fish farming may seem like a niche industry, but it is one of Norway’s largest industries. Apart from contributing to the family business, Witzoe has worked for MGM property and has attempted to make his own wealth by investing in real estate investing and tech start-ups. To be more precise, he owns almost half of SalMar ASA, one of the world’s largest producers of salmon, and the company that led the way to the industrialization of salmon farming in Norway.

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Here are the 15 youngest billionaires in the world, from oldest to youngest. Let us see the names of some of the youngest billionaires in the world very quickly. Let us see the top-10 youngest billionaires in the world very quickly.

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