Based in Grasse for over 30 years, CORIALYS Perfumes has extensive experience and know-how in the area of perfume confection, and we are proud to contribute to France’s excellent reputation in the world of perfume: an image which represents luxury and creativity, two values that are widely recognized worldwide.

One of our strengths, upon which we have built our world-class reputation, is our long and solid experience in the area of high quality perfume creation and confection. We pride ourselves in using high quality raw materials and creating high-end, long-lasting perfume compositions.

Certified ISO 9001 -2008 Quality Management,we make no compromises when it comes to the quality of our products, guaranteeing our company’s timelessness.

Our International activities:

Our aim is to work with partners with whom we establish a solid, long-lasting business relationship, allowing us to share our international ventures and experience.

This allows us to be represented throughout the world and to rely on an extensive partner network, with whom our relationships are based on trust and long-term collaboration. 

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